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A selection of my favorite Christmas cookies

Advent is the time of baking cookies. This tradition dates back to a time when baking ingredients like sugar, spices, almonds, dates, and other dried fruit and nuts were unaffordable and such a luxury that the little biscuits were only made and consumed in the wintertime to sweeten the anticipation for Christmas. Most of the […]

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Chocolate – Cherry – Cake

If you love traditional flavors of the Christmas season, such as anise, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamon, and nutmeg you will enjoy the Chocolate – Cherry – Cake. Originally from Germany, the cake is spiced with Lebkuchengewürz (gingerbread spice blend). However, the Chinese Five Spice blend is a perfect substitute.

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Marzipan Potatoes (Marzipankartoffeln)

Marzipankartoffeln is little round or potato-shaped candy (hence the name) sold in Germany especially around the Christmas time. I still had some leftover marzipan from my Christmas baking so I decided to make those chewy and tender bonbons for my little marzipan connoisseurs (I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 😉 ) Tip: […]

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Sauerkraut with peas and mushrooms

I planned to write and publish this recipe before Christmas, instead, I got caught up in Christmas preparations combined with a bad case of cold. Still, better late than never and sauerkraut is winter food anyway so it’s the perfect time for you to try it. I always associate this dish with Christmas, especially with Christmas Eve. […]

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Italian Cherry Liqueur (Liquore di Ciliegie)

This Italian cherry liqueur is a delicious fruit-based alcoholic cordial, particularly delicate and fragrant. The addition of cherry pits gives this liqueur a delicate almond note.   Be sure to choose mature, juicy cherries so that the alcohol infusion is more intensely flavored. And don’t forget: be patient! Give the liqueur the time it needs to […]