I am Edesia

My name is Anna and I love delicious, homemade food. My culinary home is somewhere between pierogi and bratwurst. My inspiration comes mostly from Mediterranean cuisine, mainly from France, Italy, and Morocco.

To me, cooking and baking are a tremendously relaxing, creative and above all delicious activity. To put it in the words of Umberto Eco:

“It takes a little time, but the pleasures of cooking begin before the pleasures of the palate, and preparing means anticipating…” – Umberto Eco, The Prag Cemetery

The idea to blog about my hobby came to me when my family and I moved to the United States in 2015. I missed home, the good food, the fragrant display in the bakery around the corner and the European savoir vivre. On the other hand, I am curious about the U.S. and look forward to getting to know it better. I guess I’m always torn between wanderlust and homesickness.

The name of my blog derives from the Roman Goddess of food and feasting, Edesia.

Edesia’s Compendium is meant to be an ever-growing collection of my favorite recipes against wanderlust and homesickness.

Enjoy browsing, reading, and cooking!