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Pumpkin Soup with Curry

Fall has always been my favourite season, but here in the United States fall is especially beautiful. The days are still warm and sunny and the trees present themselves in vibrant red and yellow.     Children get excited about Helloween and families slowly start planning their trips to see their loved ones and friends… Continue reading Pumpkin Soup with Curry

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Zurek (Polish Easter Soup) Part 2

The sour flour for my Polish Easter Soup is now ready. Here you can read again how I did it. After the fermentation process was finished, I let the liquid pass through a sieve and stored it in the refrigerator in a jar. Now, I’m going on with the cooking of my Polish Easter Soup. I wish you all… Continue reading Zurek (Polish Easter Soup) Part 2

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Zurek (Polish Easter Soup) Part 1

Easter is around the corner and it is time that I begin with the preparation of zurek. For centuries, zurek was a poor people ‘s meal in Upper Silesia (today’s Poland). Today, it belongs to the classic Polish cuisine and is often served for Easter. Perhaps that is why this soup is known in the… Continue reading Zurek (Polish Easter Soup) Part 1

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Hearty Polish Cassoulet (Fasolka po Bretonsku)

Fasolka po Bretońsku means beans in Bretonian style and is a traditional dish of Polish cuisine. Whether this Cassoulet actually came from Brittany to Poland, can no longer be traced, but it certainly originated in France. As with many traditional dishes, the Cassoulet also has many variations. Mine is refined with white wine. However, one… Continue reading Hearty Polish Cassoulet (Fasolka po Bretonsku)

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Pumpkin Soup with Orange and Thyme

In the autumn, when pumpkins have high season, I like to cook and bake with this fruit (yes, is a fruit). Here in the USA we are preparing for Thanksgiving right now and I think this delicious pumpkin soup fits perfectly into the American Thanksgiving menu. I always use small pumpkins, as these are particularly… Continue reading Pumpkin Soup with Orange and Thyme

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Tortilla soup (Sopa de Tortilla)

Here is part two of my culinary journey through Arizona. The Cuisine of the Southwest of the United States – which includes New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and California – comprises a fusion of Spanish, Mexican and Native American recipes. However, there are great differences throughout the Soutwestern States. Arizona’s style of the Southwestern Cuisine is often… Continue reading Tortilla soup (Sopa de Tortilla)