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Shrimp Scampi

The ultimate shrimp scampi cooked to perfection in a garlicky, buttery white wine sauce. The game-changing element of this dish is a part of the shrimp typically thrown away although it’s packed with flavor: shrimp shells. To enhance the shrimp’s presence in this dish, the browned shrimp shells are simmered in some white wine to […]


Pan-Seared Salmon Steaks

Pan-fried salmon steak is a delicacy when seared in olive oil and butter and seasoned with honey, lemon, garlic, and red pepper flakes. It also makes a perfect weeknight dinner since it takes only 15 minutes to prepare.  

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Mackerel spread

It always makes me happy when I go shopping and surprisingly find something special. The other day I discovered in my supermarket around the corner smoked whiting. Smoked fish seems to be a rarity in American supermarkets. My joy was all the greater. I immediately thought of this delicious spread, which I haven’t done and […]

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Baked Trouts

Do you also have a fixed day of the week for fish? With us, it is usually Friday. Last week  I served my family baked trouts. I discovered this recipe many years ago in a women’s magazine and it’s been a classic in my kitchen ever since. The trouts taste best with boiled potatoes or a […]