How to make your own vanilla sugar

Alongside saffron, vanilla is probably the world’s most expensive spice. This is mostly due to the elaborate cultivation and maturing process of vanilla and also to its undisputed popularity. The fragrant aroma of fresh vanilla enhances and refines many desserts and sweet dishes. But what to do with the scraped pod? It’s too good to throw away. The solution: homemade vanilla sugar. And here is how it works!

vanilla sugar


How to make your own vanilla sugar

  • Servings: 1 small jar
  • Difficulty: very easy
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  • 100g of cane sugar, alternatively refined, white sugar (plain table sugar)
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 1 small jar


  1. Pour sugar into a small, airtight glass jar.

  2. Now slit the vanilla pod lengthwise and carefully scrape out the oily pulp. Use the pulp as usual for baking and cooking.

  3. Put the scraped vanilla pod into the sugar and close the jar airtight. Set aside for about 2 weeks, shaking the jar occasionally, to allow the vanilla to infuse the sugar and unfold its full vanilla flavor. If your vanilla sugar supply starts running low, you can add sugar at any time – the vanilla pod gives off its aroma over several months. You can also add another scraped vanilla pod to your jar.

Tip: A small jar of your own, homemade vanilla sugar can make a great gift for an aspiring pastry chef or become a simple way to say “thank you” to your neighbor, host or friend.

vanilla sugar_2

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  1. Great tip. I understand they had a bad vanilla crop in Madagascar not long ago, that should be making vanilla even more expensive.


    1. Anna Bembry says:

      Thank you! It just made my day (or evening rather) to read that I offered somebody a useful tip.

      If you are interested: npr has an article about the different reasons of vanilla shortage:

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